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Disease-Resistant Roses for the East Bay

There are several fungal diseases that attack roses. The ones commonly seen in the Bay Area are Rust and Powdery Mildew. We will also see Blackspot. These diseases, while commonly found in all gardens, are easier to control if measures are taken to prevent their attack on our roses. If you are unsure as to what fungicides you might want to use, be sure to call one of our Consulting Rosarians. (Photos courtesy of Baldo Villegas.)

This is a list of roses that seem to resist being infected by these fungal diseases. While no roses are utterly fool-proof, these do a pretty good job of staying healthy if they are well-cared for (food, water, adequate hours of sunlight).

Floribunda Apricot Nectar Apricot
Floribunda Betty Boop Red, Blend
Floribunda Bolero White
Floribunda Brass Band Apricot
Floribunda Brilliant Pink Iceberg Lavender-Pink
Floribunda Chihuly Yellow, Blend
Floribunda Dicky Orange-Pink
Floribunda Easy Going Yellow, Blend
Floribunda Fred Loads (Climber) Orange-Red
Floribunda French Lace White
Floribunda Hot Cocoa Russet, Tan , Plum
Floribunda Iceberg White
Floribunda Lavaglut Red, Dark
Floribunda Livin' Easy Yellow, Medium
Floribunda Marmalade Skies Orange-Salmon , Blend
Floribunda Margaret Merrill White
Floribunda Neon Lights Pink, Deep
Floribunda Nicole White, Blend
Floribunda Outta the Blue Mauve
Floribunda Playboy Red, Blend
Floribunda Playfair White
Floribunda Playgirl Pink, Medium
Floribunda Pleasure Pink, Medium
Floribunda Scentimental Red, Blend (Striped)
Floribunda Sexy Rexy Pink, Medium
Floribunda Sheila's Perfume Yellow, Blend
Floribunda Shocking Blue Mauve
Floribunda Showbiz Red, Medium
Floribunda Simplicity Pink, Medium
Floribunda Sun Flare Yellow, Medium
Floribunda Sunsprite Yellow, Deep
Floribunda Trumpeter Orange-Red
Floribunda Tuscan Sun Apricot
Grandiflora Caribbean Apricot, Blend
Grandiflora Fame! Pink, Deep
Grandiflora Gold Medal Yellow, Medium
Grandiflora Tournament of Roses Pink, Medium
Grandiflora White Lightnin' White
Hybrid Tea Brigadoon Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Chicago Peace Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Double Delight Red, Blend
Hybrid Tea Duet Pink, Medium
Hybrid Tea Elina Yellow, Light
Hybrid Tea Elizabeth Taylor Pink, Deep
Hybrid Tea Elmhurst Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea First Prize Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Folklore Orange, Blend
Hybrid Tea Fragrant Cloud Orange-Red
Hybrid Tea Full Sail White
Hybrid Tea Gemini Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Helen Naude White, Blend
Hybrid Tea Helmut Schmidt Yellow, Medium
Hybrid Tea Honor White
Hybrid Tea Joyfullness Apricot
Hybrid Tea Just Joey Orange, Blend
Hybrid Tea Kardinal Red, Medium
Hybrid Tea Louise Estes Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Lynn Anderson Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Marijke Koopman Pink, Medium
Hybrid Tea Marilyn Monroe Apricot
Hybrid Tea Midas Touch Yellow, Deep
Hybrid Tea Mikado Red, Blend
Hybrid Tea Mister Lincoln Red, Dark
Hybrid Tea Moonstone White
Hybrid Tea Natasha Monet Mauve
Hybrid Tea New Zealand Pink, Light
Hybrid Tea Olympiad Red, Medium
Hybrid Tea Paradise Mauve, Blend
Hybrid Tea Pascali White
Hybrid Tea Peace Yellow, Blend
Hybrid Tea Polarstern White
Hybrid Tea Precious Platinum Red, Blend
Hybrid Tea Pristine White, Blend
Hybrid Tea Secret Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Sheer Elegance Orange-Pink
Hybrid Tea Signature Pink, Deep
Hybrid Tea Silverado Mauve, Blend
Hybrid Tea Special Merit Red, Medium
Hybrid Tea St. Patrick Yellow, Blend
Hybrid Tea Stainless Steel Mauve
Hybrid Tea Sunset Celebration Apricot, Blend
Hybrid Tea The Temptations Pink, Blend
Hybrid Tea Timeless Pink, Deep
Hybrid Tea Touch of Class Orange-Pink
Hybrid Tea White Delight White
Hybrid Tea White Masterpiece White
Miniature Chelsea Belle Red, Blend
Miniature Child's Play White, Blend
Miniature Denver's Dream Orange, Blend
Miniature Dr. John Dickman Mauve, Blend
Miniature Fairhope Yellow, Light
Miniature Fancy Pants Red, Blend
Miniature Glowing Amber Red, Blend
Miniature Gourmet Popcorn White
Miniature Hot Tamale Yellow, Blend
Miniature Irresistible White
Miniature Jean Kenneally Apricot
Miniature Jeanne LaJoie (Climber) Pink, Medium
Miniature Kristin Red, Blend
Miniature Little Jackie Orange, Blend
Miniature Little Artist Red, Blend
Miniature Luis Desamero Yellow, Light
Miniature Magic Carrousel Red, Blend
Miniature Minnie Pearl Pink, Blend
Miniature My Sunshine Yellow, Medium
Miniature Neon Cowboy Red, Blend
Miniature Old Glory Red, Medium
Miniature Pierrine Orange-Pink
Miniature Rainbow's End Yellow, Blend
Miniature Rise 'n' Shine Yellow, Blend
Miniature Snow Bride White
Miniature Starina Orange-Red
Miniature X-Rated Pink, Blend
Old Garden Roses Ballerina Pink, Medium
Old Garden Roses Celestial Pink, Loght
Old Garden Roses Charles de Mills Mauve
Old Garden Roses China Doll Pink, Medium
Old Garden Roses Konigan von Danemark Pink, Medium
Old Garden Roses Nevada White
Old Garden Roses Old Blush Pink, Medium
Old Garden Roses Robusta Red, Dark
Old Garden Roses Rosa Mundi Pink, Blend
Polyantha Cecile Brunner Pink, Light
Polyantha Excellenz von Shubert Mauve
Polyantha Margo Koster Orange, Blend
Polyantha Marie Pavie White
Polyantha The Fairy Pink, Light
Shrub Bonica Pink, Medium
Shrub Benjamen Britten Orange-Red
Shrub Dortmund Red, Medium
Shrub Fair Bianca White
Shrub Gartendirektor Otto Linne Pink, Deep
Shrub Golden Celebration Yellow, Medium
Shrub Graham Thomas Yellow, Deep
Shrub Mary Rose Pink, Medium
Shrub Perdita Apricot
Shrub Prospero Red, Dark
Shrub Sally Holmes (Climber) White
Shrub Sparrieshoop Pink, Light
Shrub Stretch Johnson Red, Blend
Shrub The Pilgrim Yellow, Medium



Our climate is Mediterranean, and our soil is mostly heavy clay. Here's a list of roses that have proven to be good for our area and a list of disease-resistant roses you might try.

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